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Why Safari Pharmacy?

Why Safari Pharmacy?

Posted on 13-03-2020


I grew up in the city of  Warri.

I was that girl whose tongue wags when it meets with an argument. A breathing tale of ‘Warri nor dey carry last’.

Growing up wasn't so bad. There were good days, bad days and worse still wahala days...

Staying in an unkempt environment under the wings of mosquitoes, insects, feeding on junk and barely nutritious food was the norm./p>

As a poorly vaccinated child, sickness had become my plague; Typhoid fever, Malaria, infections - my ride or die demons.

This everyday sickness wasn't a big deal to us. For we had "good chemists" who were always ready to sell drugs to us at a low price. 

Like a student on break, these drugs only freed us from the sickness for 72 hours. Soonest after, we are back at same drug store - same sickness yet more intense symptoms.

Tell me, what was worse?


That I grew up taking drugs

That the chemist whom I depended on for low priced drugs, intentionally gave us substandard  drugs😔

- For his drugs weren’t  meant to make me better, they were meant to make me come back.😣 

Some of my neighbors and friends developed long term complications from drug misuse and prolonged infections. 

Oh how I hate to remember those days.

The days when it was certain that if a child came down with mumps, we could expect that it would go round the community in a matter of days. Some of us even showed off our healed scars from a chickenpox infections. 

But these days are much different, and I will tell you why. 

As I got older, I was determined not to let recurrent illnesses make up my life’s story. I was going to stay ahead of infections and in the case of an already existing one, I was going to tackle it head on with the right guidance. 

So I searched till I found a BRAND I could TRUST- SAFARI PHARMACY & LABORATORIES 

You see, Safari Pharmacy and Laboratories was recommended to me by a doctor friend; and one trial gave me all the conviction needed. 

Starting with the heartwarming reception, the superior customer experience, the splendid environment, accuracy of advertised services, the knowledge of all health professionals on ground, their proactive health prevention system…

Could I really detail all the good things Safari offers?

Do you understand the ill feeling of buying fake drugs with your hard earned money? How about swallowing these drugs? Feels like killing yourself with your own hands doesn’t it?

Imagine the frustration. It's not just about the money loss? How about the emotions involved? Have you watched someone you love fall sick? He/She has taken all the prescribed drugs yet condition keeps getting worse - the thought of death creeps in.

Truth I Know is, nothing gives greater peace like knowing you have a reliable source. And that's one the brand offers. I may not be a health professional, but I am an end consumer and for that I'd advocate Safari Pharmacy & Laboratories for one reason - TRUST.

Because you can trust in their originality, you can trust in their desire to see better health outcomes;   you can trust that they want to change the narrative of healthcare across Africa.

I'm a woman of 38 years now. Blessed with 3 kids whom thankfully have been vaccinated as well freed from the bondage of fake drugs.

One of the lessons, I have learnt so far in life is;




My name is Joyce

And I advocate SAFARI

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