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Fight The Lassa - Fight

Fight The Lassa - Fight

Posted on 20-02-2020


I woke up one morning and it seemed there were more reasons to be sad in an already complicated world.

Right on my brown colored sofa, I watched as our realities were about to become a lot different than we had imagined for the new year. Sadly by nothing else but by the news that aired on my TV screen; the news read "Outbreak of Lassa Fever in Nigeria yet again.


Why do I opine this?

Ever since the outbreak of Lassa fever in Nigeria, one question has bothered upon the hearts of every Nigerian. Should Lassa fever be something to watch out for? Can we overlook it or not?

Well, statistics shows that 100,000- 300,000 infections of Lassa fever occurs annually in Africa. Out of which, 5000 persons die from this disease. Narrowing this data down to Nigeria. An average of 77 persons have died from this disease.


What Causes Lassa fever?

Lassa Fever is a deadly disease caused by a Virus which is usually carried by the multi mammate RAT in its faeces, urine or secretion.  Lassa fever is one of the hemorrhagic fever viruses like Ebola virusMarburg virus, and others

People most often become infected by

1. Inhaling contaminated air

2.  Swallowing the virus in food or contaminated utensils.

3. Preparing and eating meat of wild or non-domesticated animals, called bush meat or wild meat

4. Interaction with open wounds.


Knowing fully well that Lassa fever is REAL and a life threatening disease, there's great need to take extra precaution everywhere and every time. 

To stay Lassa- free, it is imperative that you and I keep ourselves clean, as well keep our surroundings clean. Thus we strictly recommend you cover your food, keep your home and environment clean, do not patronize food vendors whose food are not well kept. And oh, before we forget ... Kindly stop buying bush meat from non-trusted sources.

And even when this is done, that's not all. 

Now that you've kept your home and surroundings clean; How do you protect yourself when you leave your protected home?

How do you protect yourself when you go outside to face an unclean world and interact with all sort of persons who may not be as hygiene conscious as you are?

Safari Pharmacy strongly recommends that you use HAND SANITIZERS regularly.

Invariably, we all are players in the Lassa fight. The true champion is the one who stays Lassa-Free in this Virus contaminated world. The champ could be you! The champ should be YOU.

And for this reason, SAFARI comes to AID, offering our brand NEW Hand Sanitizers; that give no skin irritation, reduces bacteria count on your hands and acts quickly to do so.

The goal is to save yourself first, to save yourself every day and to save yourself every time so Fight the Lassa fight with our new hand sanitizers now in stock.

To reach out to us, telephone us via: 08074208865, 08077344904

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